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What to know about carpet

Carpet will always be one of the most popular choices of flooring, and technology is constantly finding ways to increase the color palette, add exciting new patterns discover ways to make them more durable and stain/spill-resistant.

Carpet Warehouse opened for business in 1944, and we are a big carpet retailer. Our fully stocked inventory includes all styles, constructions and eco-friendly ones, as well as remnants, carpet tiles, runner and more. We are your one-stop-shop, whether you want a repair, resizing, advice on padding and seams and more.

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Our showroom is in Broomall, PA and we service Broomall, Springfield, Drexel Hill, Havertown, New Town Square, Media, Swarthmore, Ardmore, West Chester, Bryn Mawr, and Narberth.

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Here’s what you need to know

  • It will never go out of style, and keep evolving with technology. For example, remember those brown, gold and green colors of the Shag? In the early 2000s, technology was able to expand the color palette, so now they’re distinctive and fun.

  • Worried about pet accidents? Don’t be, because there are even some carpets where the stain resistance is built right into the fiber. Be sure to ask your retailer for full details.

  • Hold onto warm or cool temperatures. Pennsylvania can have some pretty rough and snowy winters. The rug will make you feel warm because it will retain the heat of the room. What about the hot and humid summers? Alternatively, if the room is chilly, so will be the floor. That may help you save energy costs.

  • Eliminate noise. This is a big advantage because especially when you’re downstairs and someone’s walking upstairs, there can be a tap-tap-tap of footsteps. Worse yet, you can sometimes hear muffled voices.

  • Provide safety. First, there’s excellent traction which means if kids or pets are running they can stop; some surfaces just keep them going until they crash into a wall. Second, it’s a lot more comfortable to fall on a soft surface than a hard one, and that’s something to consider if you have kids or elderly residents living in your house.

  • Always need padding. You can’t see it but forms the foundation of the installation.

Yes, you can have carpet even if you have allergies and asthma

The fibers trap dust mites and pollutants and they stay there until the rug is steam-cleaned.

Because particles won’t become airborne, it automatically improves indoor air quality.